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Dancutter’s Smallest Cutter.

Dancutter’s Smallest Cutter

DC MINI BIKE is Dancutter’s smallest cutter. When you are cutting, grinding and milling inside narrow pipes (50-75 mm / 2”) or in cramped spaces that are difficult to access DC MINI BIKE is a powerful solution, no matter if the pipe is made of PVC, concrete, cast iron or steel.

DC MINI BIKE is lightweight, flexible, and manoeuvrable, and the compact design of the cutter makes working at awkward angles easier while offering ergonomic flexibility and easy control.

Product sheet MINI BIKE.

Product sheet MINI BIKE

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DC MINI BIKE is operated using a “bicycle handlebar” which gives you complete control of the cutters movements.

When turning the handlebar and operating the handles, the cutter turns sideways, up and down. You completely control the work process, no matter if the cutter has to fit through one or more bends in a narrow pipe.

  • DC MINI BIKE is extremely flexible and easily manoeuvres through one 45° bend in a 50 mm / 2” pipe and through several 90° bends in a 75 mm / 3” diameter pipe.
  • DC MINI BIKE comes with a supply hose in your preferred length, from 1 to 15 meters (3’ ft. 3” – 49´ ft. 2,5”).
  • The cutter is equipped with an air grinder which is actuated by a valve, that is also attached to the handlebar.



The DC MINI BIKE comes with an oil lubricator and water separator. We recommend always having a refrigerated dryer mounted on the compressor, to minimise the water content of the air, so it never exceeds 20 g/m3. The DC MINI BIKE operates at maximum efficiency in clean, dry air and this also prolongs the cutter’s service life.


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