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Dancutter’s Most Powerful Cutter.

Dancutter’s Most Powerful Cutter

DC MAXI FLEX is Dancutter’s most powerful cutter. It has an extremely powerful motor which makes the cutter both fast and efficient. The DC MAXI FLEX is flexible and can go through several 45° bends in a 150 mm pipe and works effortlessly whether the pipe is straight or has bends.

If you are mostly working in larger pipes, DC MAXI FLEX is your right choice for reopening laterals or removing hard deposits like concrete.

When you are cutting, milling, and grinding in pipes from 100 - 300 mm / 4” - 12”, DC MAXI FLEX is a powerful solution whether the pipe is made of PVC, concrete, cast iron, or steel.

Product sheet MAXI FLEX.

Product sheet MAXI FLEX

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The DC MAXI FLEX offers the convenience of being operated by a single person, who can effortlessly set up the cutter within minutes, swiftly complete the task, and seamlessly transition to the next assignment. Positioned in close proximity to the work area, the wheeled stainless-steel frame securely holds the supply hoses, control unit, and cutter. By connecting the air and power to the system (with the cutter already linked to the supply hose), the cutter can be effortlessly inserted into the pipe and pushed into its designated working position.

The DC MAXI FLEX comes with a 70-meter hose, allowing for increased flexibility based on your specific requirements.

To ensure the utmost safety, it is crucial to always ground the equipment. Utilizing the grinder in dry pipes can generate a significant amount of static electricity. By grounding the power connection, you can safeguard individuals and sensitive electronic devices such as cameras from any potential damage.


Experience smooth and effortless control of your cutter with Dancutter's DC SUPER FLEX and DC MAXI FLEX control unit. Equipped with two joysticks, the control unit provides precise control over the motor rotation and cutter arm movements, allowing you to easily raise, lower, expand, and contract the cutter.

Featuring a foil keyboard with tactile buttons and LED indicators, the control unit gives you clear feedback when you adjust the rotation speed, turn on the milling cutter, or activate the spray nozzle to clean the camera with air or sprinkler liquid. The keyboard's foil surface is specifically designed for tough industrial conditions and outdoor use, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

Built into a sturdy case, the control unit includes a 12" color screen in the lid that displays a sharp and accurate image of the cutter's position inside the pipe. With a brightness of 1000 nits and an anti-reflective coating on the optically bonded glass, the screen provides excellent visibility even in bright conditions. You can easily switch between images from the cutter's camera and an external camera, and the controls can be mirrored to suit your movements for maximum comfort and ease of use.

In addition to its precise control capabilities, the control unit also includes a range of advanced features to enhance your work. You can record and save videos directly to a USB stick, or connect external cameras, monitors, or FPV headsets using the input and output connectors. Whether you mount the unit to the cutter's frame or use an extension cable (up to 15 meters) to work from a distance, the control unit offers unmatched performance and versatility for your cutting needs.

  • Smooth back and forth movement - An automatic feeder and slip ring are built into the frame, so the supply hose can be smoothly moved back and forth during the work.

  • 360-degree continuous rotation - The cutter is equipped with a built-in slip ring which enables it to work freely in a continuous 360-degree rotation.

  • Spray nozzle for cleaning the camera – the spray nozzle is also operated from the control unit.



Maintenance requirements for the DC MAXI FLEX are kept to a minimum, thanks to its superior construction using high-quality stainless-steel alloy. To further enhance performance, the DC MAXI FLEX is equipped with an oil lubricator and water separator. For optimal results, we strongly recommend the installation of a refrigerated dryer on the compressor to effectively minimize the water content of the air, ensuring it remains below 20 g/m3. By operating the DC MAXI FLEX in a clean and dry air environment, not only does it achieve maximum efficiency, but it also significantly extends the service life of the cutter.

Centring Tool Set Large - DC MAXI FLEX

For frequent operations in 400 mm pipes, consider utilizing Dancutter's optional accessory, the Centring Tool Set Large - DC MAXI FLEX. This tool set ensures precise and consistent operation of the cutter throughout the pipe, keeping it perfectly centered at all times.

Dancutter's centring tool set for the DC MAXI FLEX upholds our rigorous standards of flexibility while remaining user-friendly during setup and operation.

Mounting the centring tool set involves simply pushing it in over the cutter from the rear end. The rings in the centring tool set are marked to show their forward direction. Proper mounting is vital to ensure the cutter performs at its optimal level.

Grease is applied through a nipple on the ring closest to the motor, this ensures unimpeded operation with 360-degree continuous rotation, even with the centring tool set mounted on the cutter.

Equipped with wheels, the centring tool set facilitates effortless movement of the cutter to remote locations within the pipe system, making it exceptionally convenient to access and operate in various areas.


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