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Dancutter’s Most Powerful Cutter.

Dancutter’s Most Powerful Cutter

DC MAXI FLEX is Dancutter’s most powerful cutter. It has an extremely powerful motor which makes the cutter both fast and efficient. The DC MAXI FLEX is flexible and can go through several 45° bends in a 150 mm pipe and works effortlessly whether the pipe is straight or has bends.

If you are mostly working in larger pipes, DC MAXI FLEX is your right choice for reopening laterals or removing hard deposits like concrete.

When you are cutting, milling, and grinding in pipes from 100 - 300 mm / 4” - 12”, DC MAXI FLEX is a powerful solution whether the pipe is made of PVC, concrete, cast iron, or steel.

Product sheet MAXI FLEX.

Product sheet MAXI FLEX

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DC MAXI FLEX can be operated by just one person who can easily set up the cutter in a few minutes, quickly do the work, and move on to the next task.

The wheeled stainless-steel frame – holding the supply hoses, control unit and cutter – is placed close to the work area.

Air and power is connected to the system (the cutter is already connected to the supply hose).

The cutter is then inserted into the pipe and pushed to its working position.
The DC MAXI FLEX comes with a 70-metre hose.

Always ground the Equipment: When the grinder is used in dry pipes, a lot of static electricity can be built up. To ensure this does not damage people or sensitive electronic items such as the camera, make sure to ground the power connection.


DC MAXI FLEX is easy to operate using the two joysticks on the frame-mounted control unit. With the control unit you operate the milling motor’s rotation and functions such as raising and lowering of the arm and running the cutter back and forth in the pipe.

The control unit features inlet and outlet sockets for connecting a video recorder, computer, external camera, or VR headset (optional accessory).

A 12” colour display is built into the control unit’s lid, providing a clear, detailed view of the cutter’s position.

You can easily switch between images from the cutter’s own camera and an external camera. You can also reverse the steering, so that the image matches your movements when using an external camera going into the pipe from the opposite direction of the cutter.

  • Smooth back and forth movement - An automatic feeder and slip ring are built into the frame so the supply hose can be smoothly moved back and forth during the work.
  • Continuous 360-degree rotation - The cutter is also equipped with a built-in slip ring which enables the cutter to work freely in a continuous 360-degree rotation.
  • Spray nozzle for cleaning the camera – the spray nozzle is also operated from the control unit.



Maintenance is minimal because the cutter is made of a high-quality stainless-steel alloy. The DC MAXI FLEX comes with an oil lubricator and water separator. We recommend always having a refrigerated dryer mounted on the compressor, to minimise the water content in the air, so it never exceeds 20 g/m3. The DC MAXI FLEX operates at maximum efficiency in clean, dry air and this also prolongs the cutter’s service life.


Centring Tool Set Large - DC MAXI FLEX

If you intend to frequently operate the DC MAXI FLEX in 400 mm pipes, you can mount Dancutter’s Centring Tool Set Large - DC MAXI FLEX on the cutter (optional accessory). The centring tool set keeps the cutter centred inside the pipe and ensures that it operates with equal precision all the way round.

DC MAXI FLEX’s centring tool set meets Dancutter’s high standards of flexibility yet is simple to set up and operate.

The centring tool set is mounted by pushing it in over the cutter from the rear end. The rings in the centring tool set are marked to show their forward direction. Correct mounting is very important to ensure that the cutter works to its full effect.

Grease is applied through a nipple on the ring closest to the motor, this ensures unimpeded operation with 360-degree continuous rotation, even with the centring tool set mounted on the cutter.

The wheels on the centring tool set makes it easy to push the cutter out to remote locations in a pipe system.

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