DC Camera feed

 DC Kamerafremfoering

The automatic camera feeder is used for example for moving a hidden camera backwards and forwards in a pipe in such a way that the movement of the camera is stable and continuous.

The feeder unit functions with the help of two sets of conical wheels with a cover that keeps the camera cable in the unit. The cover is also not powerful enough to damage the fibre cable.

The conical wheels are driven round with the help of a motor and two gears. Two dollies are mounted under the wheels. 

The camera's fibre cable is locked and released between the wheel and the dolly with the help of a handle.

DC pult fremfoering

The feed is designed for all types of camera fibre cable with or without protection pex in diameters of 7 - 16 mm.

The unit is controlled from a separate 24V control unit that is supplied as standard with 10 m of supply cable that can be extended if desired.

The camera drive can operate from all types of wells and other types of access conditions, as it can be mounted on a feeder bracket with several different adjustment options.

The unit is splash proof.








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