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About Dancutter

We Keep it Simple without Compromising

The Dancutter Brand Company History
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Flexible Cutters for More than 30 Years.

Flexible Cutters for More than 30 Years

Dancutter produces robotic cutters for cutting, grinding and milling in all materials for example PVC, liner, cement, concrete, cast iron or steel.

When working on the renovation of narrow pipes with multiple (vertical and horizontal) bends, our simple and flexible cutter solutions are a cost and time-efficient alternative to digging up the pipes.

Trenchless sewer repair is an effective method of repairing sewer pipes without digging, by restoring the structure of the existing pipes internally using different lining materials for example felt tube made of polyester or fiberglass cloth.

CIPP (Cured-in-place pipe) is one of the most widely used trenchless rehabilitation methods, where a felt lining is inserted into a pre-existing pipe needing repair.

Resin within the liner is exposed to a curing element such as hot water, steam, or UV light to make it attach to the inner walls of the pipe.


Our powerful pneumatic cutters prepare old pipes for renovation by clearing blockages and debris, and when the pipe is newly renovated the cutter easily and efficiently opens access to branch pipelines.

Dancutter’s experienced employees develop solutions according to the changing needs of our customers. We continue to convert customer feedback and challenges from our everyday work into cutter solutions, that strike a balance between technological finesse on the one hand and strength and user-friendliness on the other.

Our skilled technicians and trusted distributors offer training, service and support for customers across the world.


At Dancutter we believe in making a profit while at the same time doing business in a responsible way. Therefore, we engage in a continuing dialogue with employees, customers, partners, suppliers, the local community, and other parties to make sure that we are facing the challenges of our everyday life in an open and responsible fashion.

As an international business we strive to act in a way which is always in concordance with functioning national and international legislation.

The Dancutter Brand.

The Dancutter Brand

We keep it simple without compromising. This is our unique brand promise which is based on our 7 core values:

Quality, collaboration, simplicity, flexibility, trustworthiness, care, and ambition.   

Our goal is to be the preferred global manufacturer of cutters and other types of sewage equipment.

We will create growth and carry out development, with the motto "Keep it simple" in mind, to achieve a higher level of quality and service for the benefit of our customers across the world.



All over the world we see increasing demands on sewage conditions and water supply. This is caused by an increasing world population combined with aging water and sewage infrastructure, growth in frequency and severity of extreme rainfall and an increased risk of flooding.

It is Dancutter’s mission to successfully develop, produce and sell cutters and sewage equipment of a high quality thereby contributing to secure drainage and water supply across the world in a reliable, efficient, and sustainable way.


We want to be the obvious, reliable choice for customers across the world when choosing a supplier of cutter solutions and sewage equipment. 

We will achieve this through feedback from customers, a strong network with our dedicated distributors and through the attitude, engagement, and knowledge of our employees.

Company History.

Company History

We have been developing cutter solutions in cooperation with our customers for more than 30 years. Since the first product was developed in 1989 our aim has been to develop and sell simple and flexible cutter solutions.

The world’s first cutter
What is the easiest possible way to open access to branch pipelines from a newly renovated sewer pipe without having to dig up a whole garden or road surface? This was the question which in 1989 led to the development of a prototype for the world’s first cutter. An “arm” was fitted with a cutter head and skateboard wheels which the inventor had “borrowed” from his son.

In 1989, the inventor applied for a patent for his cutter, and some of the first models are still working to this day. The idea became a great success and up through the 1990s, cutters opened thousands of branch pipes.

Dancutter A/S was founded in January 2002. Based on knowledge gained through practical experience arose the idea of developing cutters that are simple and flexible to use and can operate in all types of materials.

In 2021 Dancutter was acquired by Mini-Cam which is one of the worlds leading pipeline inspection companies, and part of Halma Plc.

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